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Strange KDE Problem

I have recently started experiencing a strange problem with KDE whereby for some unknown reason it switches to Gnome (while I'm logged in - I didn't think that was possible). The most obvious sign that this has happened is the background picture set under KDE disappears and the right click on the desktop is ignored (no menu pops up). I get no messages in /var/log/syslog when it happens.

I'm running the pure64 port of sid with KDE 3.3.2. I think, but I can't confirm this because it doesn't happen every time, that it has something to do with Open Office or the chroot it is running in. I say this because the problem seems to occur after I start Open Office (it might just be the screen saver though but it seems more common with OO).

I have my /home NFS mounted which is then bound into the chroot as is a /data directory. /data holds the background picture and is accessible to both the main system and the chroot (in other words it's not an NFS problem).

Any ideas?

Thanks, Graham

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