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Strange KDE Problem

I have recently started experiencing a strange problem with KDE which causes the background picture to disappear and the right click on the desktop to be ignored (no menu pops up). I get no messages in /var/log/syslog when it happens.

I'm running the pure64 port of sid with KDE 3.3.2. I think, but I can't confirm this because it doesn't happen every time, that it has something to do with Open Office or the chroot it is running in. I say this because the problem seems to occur shortly after I start or stop Open Office (it might just be the screen saver though but it seems more common with OO).

I have my /home NFS mounted which is then bound into the chroot as is a /data directory. /data holds the background picture and is accessible to both the main system and the chroot (in other words it's not an NFS problem).

Any ideas?

Thanks, Graham


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