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Re: VIA K8T800 / VIA 8237 mainboard

Kyuu Eturautti wrote:
> I remember rebooting these several times during setup, but I haven't
> touched them much since. I remember rebooting one of them a few times
> while testing several kernel settings. As usual, ran into some problems
> with cpufreq/powernow (only fery few systems have worked nicely with
> these on, problems arise with very high loads). If you want, I can
> probably arrange for reboot tests on monday, but if memory serves, I
> haven't had any issues with rebooting so far. My kernel hasn't been that
> new though.

An update on this: I've tested a patch from the i8042 maintainer to fix
the reboot problem, so that should appear in the kernel eventually.

I'm having another big problem though.  What was the exact
cpufreq/powernow issue you were seeing?  For me, it works fine for a few
hours, and then I see "pending change bit stuck" errors from the
powernow-k8 driver.  On the cpufreq mailing list I'm told to suspect
faulty hardware, so I'd like to find out if I have a bad board or this
is a problem with this Chaintech model.

--Thanks, John

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