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Re: VIA K8T800 / VIA 8237 mainboard

John Belmonte wrote:

Kyuu Eturautti wrote:
I remember rebooting these several times during setup, but I haven't
touched them much since. I remember rebooting one of them a few times
while testing several kernel settings. As usual, ran into some problems
with cpufreq/powernow (only fery few systems have worked nicely with
these on, problems arise with very high loads). If you want, I can
probably arrange for reboot tests on monday, but if memory serves, I
haven't had any issues with rebooting so far. My kernel hasn't been that
new though.

An update on this: I've tested a patch from the i8042 maintainer to fix
the reboot problem, so that should appear in the kernel eventually.

I'm having another big problem though.  What was the exact
cpufreq/powernow issue you were seeing?  For me, it works fine for a few
hours, and then I see "pending change bit stuck" errors from the
powernow-k8 driver.  On the cpufreq mailing list I'm told to suspect
faulty hardware, so I'd like to find out if I have a bad board or this
is a problem with this Chaintech model.

--Thanks, John

I don't recall the details, only that I had a number of varied type errors, including...

1. errors from the kernel drivers in dmesg (very possibly the same ones you are noting)
2. frequent software crashes, with or without these errors
3. system lockups
4. very poor system performance - ie. lower than it should be expected even with the lowest frequency

Some of my systems handle Cool'n'Quiet perfectly though, others horribly. There are clearly differences in boards. The Abit KV8/AV8 has so far been the best option for that. Those also still remain on the top of my personal Athlon64 motherboard recommendation list. Again, this isn't to say that there can't be a lot of other good boards, just saying that I've had good experiences with these.

As for exact errors, these systems are in production use and thanks to the good performance of Athlon64 systems in these tasks, we're right now having a huge demand for them - we can't get new servers ordered and installed fast enough. I'm afraid I don't have the spare hardware to experiment.


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