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libzipios++ cause wesnoth crash

In wesnoth, in file filesystem.cpp, function
"register_zipdir(std::string&)" line 91 (I not sure since i wrote some
code in this file...) : "zipios::ZipFile zip(game_config::path + "/" +
fname);" an exception is throw by zipios that is no caught by wesnoth
and cause a crash.

the excption is an zipios::FCollException throw in file "zipfile.cpp",
in function "readCentralDirectory(ifstream&)", the message is : "Zip
file consistency problem. Zip file data fields are inconsistent with
zip file layout" but the zip files are good !! they work on a 32 bits

but wesnoth can work in amd64. you should compile it without libzipios
support and unzip all data files in /usr/share/games/wesnoth

should I send a bug for libzipios, for wesnoth or twice ?

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