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qemu 0.7.0 for amd64


a new version of qemu is out :

and from the changelog, it seems that amd64/x86_64 is better supported

OTOH, I've tried to build it but it fails towards the end
everything seems to compile pretty well until linking :

/usr/bin/ld:/home/cyril/src/qemu-0.7.0/x86_64.ld:62: parse error

here is the offending line :

  .eh_frame       : ONLY_IF_RO { KEEP (*(.eh_frame)) }

a quick googling gives me 16 results
but no solution (BTW, I'm not a developper nor do I have knowledge in
low level booting code)

has anyone any idea how to correct that ?

do I miss anything ?

BTW, an experimental package is on it's way

qemu is a very nice tools to boot i386 CD or disquettes on a virtual
if you want to give it a try, do so with bootable/live cd such as
INSERT, DSL or the Ultimate boot CD

it can also boot Windows, QNX, <whatever>

	Cyril Chaboisseau

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