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Re: what are the missing ports?

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 03:16:22AM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
> What about "just", if possible, not buying a Turion MT32, and going
> with something that has nvidia graphics?

That in general is a very good idea for using Linux (at least at this

If you want to use Linux, buy systems that are known to be compatible.
ATI really isn't at this time.  When nvidia releases a new driver, it
supports all their chips no matter who made the device it is on, while
ATI seems to want to blame laptop makers for anything that could
possibly go wrong and just about don't want to offer drivers for laptop
chips (claiming the laptop maker should provide those, which of course
would be nice if they offered linux drivers ever), and it seems to take
quite a while before a new chip is supported even by ATI's latest

I stopped buying ATI because their drivers seemed to have known bugs for
years that they listed on their website and promised to fix in the next
release real soon.  Well that was the win98 drivers, and I am still
waiting for that 'next release' to fix those bugs.  My TNT2 on the other
hand I can still get driver updates for.

Open source drivers would be nice, but at least enough customer service
and support to use my device for as long as I want to would be nice.
nvidia provides me that, ATI doesn't.

Len Sorensen

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