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Re: user dchroot does not work

Alexander Fieroch wrote on 12/05/2005 14:50:
> Javier Kohen wrote:
>>I'm not sure this could cause that message, but does the user's home
>>directory exist in the chroot?
> Yes the user's home directory does exist. It's a complete debian ia32
> installation on a separate partition.
> The user's home directory of debian 64 does not really exist. It's a
> mount bind to the one from debian ia32. But it's working with debian 64
> and  it's available in ia32 chroot.

Please show us

grep [username] /etc/passwd /etc/group
grep [username] [chroot-base]/etc/passwd [chroot-base]/etc/group

Replace [username] with the username in question and [chroot-base] with
the root directory of your chroot-Environment

You have been asked to provide this information before, but declined
doing so. It's really difficult to help you if you don't supply all the
info you have been asked for.


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