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Re: amd64 porters IRC meeting: preparations for sarge

On 4/25/05, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Well there are plans for openoffice 2.x to be 64bit compatible so it cna
> run natively instead.

Yes, but the release date for openoffice 2.x has been pushed back, and
if we are unlucky, they might drop 64bit support, too :-( At least I
have not seen a working version anywhere as of yet.

> I thought there were openoffice packages for 64bit that just required
> some libs installed in the chroot/emul dir but would otherwise run as if
> they were 64bit programs.

Yes, and I think using a chroot is ok for the time being. In the long
run, we have to simplify this. Maybe the 64bit dpkg can also look
after the chroot? Kind of multiarch light? I can see some potential

The problem I have with the chroot solution is that is it so amazingly
ugly. The openoffice package needs special treatement, the user has to
set up the chroot and change /etc/ld.so.config, dependencies do not
work properly, and the changed /etc/ld.so.config interferes with
library upgrades.

But I am afraid that any change for the better requires at least a
basic multiarch support in dpkg. And that seems a long way off.


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