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Future of the amd64 gcc-3.4/gcc-4.0 archive

Hello Frederik,

On 05-Apr-18 09:22, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> I think the gcc4 branch should be a topic on the IRC meeting next
> saturday too, I would like to move it into a separate alioth project as
> soon as possible, since it keeps breaking on users and should not be
> confused with pure64, and neither be seen as a "more performant
> alternative".

I fully agree with this. Moreover, I think that to avoid confusion,
the documentation should be changed so that it does not mention
the gcc4 branch at all. 

The gcc4 branch has served its purpose. More than 1800 patches have 
been filed to make the Debian archive build with gcc4. Almost all
Debian source packages compile with gcc4 now. The official version of 
gcc-4.0 will hopefully be released in a few days and a plan has been
announced to switch to gcc-4.0 as the default compiler for the 
Debian 'etch' release.

I am planning to rebuild the complete archive for amd64 with gcc-4.0
as soon as gcc-4.0 is offically released, to find and solve any 
remaining gcc4-related problems. I will upload this new amd64/gcc4 
archive to a separate project on alioth and continue to follow 'unstable' 
until Debian has finally switched to gcc4.

Andreas Jochens

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