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Re: Installing Debain on My AMD64

On (16/04/05 13:51), Thomas Steffen wrote:
> On 4/16/05, Dr Gavin Seddon <gavinseddon@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> > I've just seen this thread, in my opinion, what's the point of a
> > 'powerful' 64 bit machine and running it as a 32 bit.
> I think running a 64bit system is all very nice (and fast), except for
> software availability. Sure, most software has a working 64bit version
> (unlike on Windows...), but a few pieces essential for the typical
> user are missing: most browser plugins, openoffice, wine etc.
> And I don't consider a chroot feasible for someone new to Linux. True
> multiarch would be nice, but the release of Etch is pretty far away
> (my guess by status quo extrapolation: late 2008).
Installing woody, as a complete linux noob, presented a real challenge.
One of the major difficulties was understanding the documentation which
assumed prior knowledge of certain concepts, thus requiring further

In contrast, the AMD64 HOWTO is a comprehensive document with step by
step guidance for the uninitiated.  I'd never done a chroot install
before but I just followed the doc and hey presto, it works.

Not only do I have a blisteringly fast machine running all my favourite
apps but I learnt a lot at the same time ;)

New users can choose a quick painless 32bit install or with a little
more effort, enjoy the full benefits of AMD64.



PS The AMD64 HOWTO is the best Debian doc I've come across - congrats
to all involved and a big thank you ;) 

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