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XFS worth it?


I have been a satisfied user of the XFS file system for a while now. I
think I started around 2.5.99, and apart from the fact that Mozilla
likes to delete its preferences after a crash (not really an XFS
fault), it always worked very nicely.

But after my recent AMD64 install, I am not so sure again. These are
my problems:

* The log is not compatible between i386 and AMD64.
* My bug report is sitting in the XFS bugzilla for a week without response.
* Grub cannot boot from XFS on AMD64.
* If my system crashes (while I am trying to find optimal performance
settings), the log is often found to be corruct.
* Then I have to boot from a different media and clear the log
manually (when it should mount ro, imho).
* XFS performance for file creation and deletion is horrible.

So is it time to switch? I have heard that ext3 made some progress on
the performance front, I would probably still go for reiserfs 3.6.

Or what would be your recommended file system?


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