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Re: Installing Debain on My AMD64

On 4/15/05, Colin O'Keeffe <cokeeffe@gmail.com> wrote:
> I bought a AMD 64 Atholon. Now, i tried a copy of woody I had but no
> use, so i googled and found out theres a version of debian for 64.

Woody is old, and probably does not work. You should try the release
candidate for Sarge/i386. Unless you have an unusual SATA controller,
it should install fine. I don't think there are ISO images apart from
the (rather small) installer. But you don't need them, since the
installer will download all needed files from the internet.

Unless you have some experience with Linux or Debian, installing a
64bit system is not recommended (at least not by me :-)). You can of
course try the Debian port, but it is experimental. You may also have
a look at www.ubuntu.com. They have a "stable" release for AMD64. But
running a 64bit system is still a lot more difficult than running

> My machine has the epox 8kda3j motherboard
> (http://www-old.epox.nl/english/products/motherboard/8kda3.htm)
>  but theres trouble with the network card! is it not supported???

The sk98lin driver should work fine, but maybe you need a 2.6 kernel for that. 


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