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Re: Nvidia problems... again

Is this in a pure64 environment, or in a 32-bit chroot?

Also, could you send a link to where these binaries are distributed? I might have a play around once my graphics drivers work (being presumptious that they'll actually work in the end ;) ...)


NaiosKAE{FR} <naios@hypercube.dynalias.org> wrote :

> Hi
> I use a differnet way to play
> for instance, I have Doom3, Ut2003 &amp; Ut2004, NeverWinterNight, RTCW, 
> Medal of honnor, ... running under Debian. I'm using linux binary files 
>    to play (loki has most of them). first install the game trough wine 
> (not winex) then copy data tree to your game location, copy or install 
> teh linux binaries then chown user.grp (by default root.staff with linux 
> installers, i moved them to root.games) then chmod 750. finally enjoy 
> the game. (that don't work for all the game, for instance warhammer40K 
> has no linux binary files at this time)
> [...]
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> NaiosKAE{FR}
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