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Re: Nvidia problems... again

Hi James,

> I'm happy using Wine to use my standard Windoze programs (Adobe
> Photoshop and the likes... unfortunately my work has to use PSDs
> all the time, so I'm kinda stuck..

I personally haven't had any problems with the PSD support in The 
Gimp, but then I don't use PSD every day.  

From: http://docs.gimp.org/en/go01.html

PSD is Adobe Photoshop's native file format, and thus is comparable to 
XCF in complexity. Gimp's ability to handle PSD files is 
sophisticated but limited: some features of PSD files are not loaded, 
and only PSD versions XX or less are supported. Unfortunately, Adobe 
has now made the Photoshop Software Development Kit ­ which includes 
their file format specifications ­ proprietary, and only available to 
a limited set of developers blessed by Adobe. This does not include 
the Gimp development team; and the lack of information makes it very 
difficult to maintain up-to-date support for PSD files. 


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