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Please advise


I'm in the process of building an AMD64 System which I plan to run Debian on, 
and I would like to ask for your advice on the choice of suitable mainboards.

From what I gather from the list archives and google, both the 

ABIT AV8  and the MSI KT8 Neo2-FIR are reported to be fully supported by 
current Linux versions (I plan to use Kanotix 64 for the installation), 
whereas I saw some troubles reported with the ASUS A8V.

I'd be very interested in recommendations from people who have used systems 
with these boards reagrding topics such as stability and ease of use/hardware 
compatibility with Linux. I am not a newbie, so manually modprobing a module 
is not a problem for me ... then again, I don't really care for disfunctional 
network support or missing on-board sound, either.

Another question would be whether to get a 3000+ CPU or 3200+ - are the 
differences notable on a system used almost exclusively for desktop 
applications and software development?

I appreciate any advice you can give!


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