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Re: Please advise


ABIT AV8 and the MSI KT8 Neo2-FIR are reported to be fully supported by current Linux versions (I plan to use Kanotix 64 for the installation), whereas I saw some troubles reported with the ASUS A8V.

I'd be very interested in recommendations from people who have used systems with these boards reagrding topics such as stability and ease of use/hardware compatibility with Linux. I am not a newbie, so manually modprobing a module is not a problem for me ... then again, I don't really care for disfunctional network support or missing on-board sound, either.

Another question would be whether to get a 3000+ CPU or 3200+ - are the differences notable on a system used almost exclusively for desktop applications and software development?
For desktop use? Mostly editing source and only sometimes using CPU
to compile? Get the MSI Neo2-FIR. It's stable (after replacing a faulty PSU),
straightforward to setup even with SATA and with the help of some nice guys
on this list I managed to get mine to be *absolutely quiet*. All fans and the
HD are at a full stop during "normal" operation. Only while compiling,
transcoding or playing NWN there is noticeable noise from the fans.
The only bad thing: I tested with ATI R9550, R9600XT and R9800P. Neither
one did even POST. But maybe it was the faulty PSU.

As for the CPU: get the faster one. Prices are not so far apart, so there's
no real point in getting the slower one.


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