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Re: Request: please change reply to in this mailing list

On 13:33, Tue 08 Mar 05, Javier Kohen wrote:
> Hi,
> Gnu-Raiz wrote:
> >Thanks for the link, I remember reading it somewhere about
> >carbon copy. What I have seen lately is people sending a CC
> >to the list, after sending an email. Kind of the opposite of
> > what the lists mentions.  I know some mutt.rc configs it
> > this way. I guess they might need to define spam one of
> That seems to be Thunderbird's default behavior. I never thought it to 
> be wrong, would you care to tell me why it's so?
> Thanks,
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> Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net>
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I don't think it is wrong, just a little different. I don't
see a big problem, only that some people do not like to have
dual e-mails sent to them, one being the list by CC, the
other being the reply by e-mail. So I just usually e-mail it
to the list only, no need to clutter up their inbox. I guess
it depends on the person, some people like to be notified,
I just assume people who post something to a list are smart
enough to look for replys to their answers on the list.

Thats the same reason I do not CC people even if they
request it in their post. I figure if they are smart enough
to post to the list without being subscribed then they are
smart enough to follow up with google, or Gmane, or their
favorite News Reader. The exception might be a very new user
who has no clue then I might oblige them, at least if you
post to the list you leave the answer to their question for
future people, if I CC them this information might be lost.


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