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Re: Anyone tried the ASUS A8V-E Deluxe?

Alois Zoitl wrote:


i got this htin g yesterday and I'm not to glad about it because I can not get the network running.
As far as I found out it uses also the sk98lin driver.
But the standard driver that comes along with the debian amd 64 cd fails the installation. After using an additional card I was able to upgrade to the gcc-3.4 tree. And after installing the 2.6.9-9 kernel I could load the sk98lin module with modconf. But I don't think its working.

I've hit the same problem on the same board. Running a freshly installed pure64 sarge.

- the driver on the DFS cd states No adapter found
- the driver in 2.6.11 from ftp.kernel.org doesn't do anything - modprobe sk98lin doesn't report anything on the console or dmesg. modules are working, as I can load the 3c59x module without problems for a temporary alternate nic - the latest driver from syskonnect.com fails during "Compile the kernel" when running install.sh, either expert or user mode. The install.log contains these errors:
-- In function 'sk98lin_resume';
-- error: too many arguments to funcion 'pci_restore_state'
-- a similar error for sk98lin_resume and function pci_save_state

Does a self compiled kernel perhaps need some special options turned on for sk98lin to work? The onboard LAN is enabled and I can see the device in lspci.

Kyuu 'Vekotin' Eturautti

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