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The future of the gcc-3.4 archive / Name change from 'gcc-3.4' to 'gcc4' Reply-To:

On 05-Feb-21 17:48, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> What happens to the gcc-3.4/gcc-4.0 repository is totaly undecided and
> I leave that up to Andreas as he is doing all the work on it.

My intention is to continue the gcc-3.4 archive until 
Debian officially switches to gcc-4.0 as its default compiler.

However, this may take quite a long time and I think that to avoid
confusion the following should be done:

1. The 'gcc-3.4' archive should be renamed to 'gcc4' to reflect its 
current state.

2. The documentation for the amd64 port should mark the 'gcc4' archive 
as an experimental archive. 

3. The documentation should clearly state that the 'pure64' archive 
is the 'official' one for the amd64 port which will be 
integrated into the Debian archive after sarge is released.

Hopefully, the name change from 'gcc-3.4' to 'gcc4' will not cause too 
much trouble for mirrors and current users. For some time the old name 
'gcc-3.4' should be still available as a symlink to 'gcc4'.

Andreas Jochens

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