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Re: d-i fails to install: Tyan Thunder K8W, SATA Seagate Barracuda


On 2005-02-17 22:12, Pedro Sanchez wrote:

The other machine does much better. The full installation is done
without problems, grub is in theory installed, and d-i reboots the
machine to finish up the job. However, the machine doesn't reboot
properly. It hangs with a blank screen and a blinking cursor on the top

Your grub was installed inproperly... I had the same problem...

1. Try to boot with a boot disk (you may try to use your Debian installer CD with the following kernel parameter: "devfs=nomount"), just set your root to your root partition on your hard disk. E.g. root=/dev/sda1 2. After a proper booting, install grub again. Check this page fore reference: http://orgs.man.ac.uk/documentation/grub/grub_3.html (Install GRUB natively section)

Attached you will find the GRUB menu.lst file created by the
installer. I noticed the line "root (hd0,0)" on each kernel entry. I
changed that to (sda,0), chroot /target, and run update-grub. It didn't

hd0 means the first hard disk (I think master HDD). It does not depend on the type of the disk. So you have to use "hd" without reference to you whether you have a sata or ide interface.

(hd0,0) means first hard disk, first partition

good luck,

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