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Re: Rebuild of the libqt3.

Thanks a lot.

If not compiling counts, then wxwidgets2.5 should enter the list. It compiles cleanly (at least until I ran out of space) with apt-src and gcc-3.4 where it won't go past the configure stage in the last autobuilder build.

Andreas Jochens wrote
On 05-Feb-17 17:34, Javier Kohen wrote:

Can we mark some packages as "broken by compiler" so when a new version of the compiler reaches the archive we can recompile them and see if the problem was fixed?

This is a good idea. I will take your list as a start and schedule all
listed packages for recompilation whenever a new version of gcc-4.0 becomes available.

Some candidates:
libqt3 (already being handled)
cvs (just guessing here, but it works if compiled with 3.4)
python2.3 (see a post by me from two days ago for a detailed explanation of (one of?) the problem)
xfree86 (based on a post by Andreas)

Please report any other packages which appear to have similar problems.

Andreas Jochens

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