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Re: Time to test sarge

Dmitry Derjavin <dd@farpost.com> writes:

> Unfortunately current sid image doesn't allow to install on Asus A8V
> Deluxe with PATA drives because of the bootloader problem described in
> "Another sata failure report" and "Grub problem?" threads.

When it comes to installing grub press ESC or select cancel to get
back to the main menu. This will automatically lower the debconf
priority. Continuing with the install (at that lower priority) should
then ask you if you want grub or lilo, choose the later. If it doesn't
repeat (or lower the debconf priority in the main menu).

Alternatively you can start D-I in expert mode but then you get all
the questions even before grub.

> Are there any known problems with sid netinst image from, say,
> 24-Jan-2005?

Is there one from the 24th? I think I removed all the images with
kernel version skews so anything you find should be fine. (if not tell
me and it's gone).

> I still want to try sarge/amd64 on A8V.
> Thanks again!


PS: new image is rsyncing, will take some hours

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