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Re: Time to test sarge

On Wed, Feb 16 2005 at 01:29, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

>>> The sid one was the right one to test. The sarge one has
>>> kernel/module version skews. It's rather useless and I removed
>>> it. I will build a new sarge image once the ~500MB remaining debs
>>> are uploaded.
>> Could you please tell -- when (or if) new sarge netinst images will
>> be available? Or maybe it's better now to install from the sid one
>> and point apt to testing?
>> Thanks!
> Use sid to install, point apt to testing and then downgrade the
> libc6/libc6-dev to avoid the conflict.
> Or pin testing to >1000 and apt will do it automatically.

Unfortunately current sid image doesn't allow to install on Asus A8V
Deluxe with PATA drives because of the bootloader problem described in
"Another sata failure report" and "Grub problem?" threads.

Are there any known problems with sid netinst image from, say,

I still want to try sarge/amd64 on A8V.

Thanks again!


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