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Re: Re: Time to test sarge

Goswin wrote:

I tried again and base config failed again on file
server config and manual package config. This could be
the same problem as below.

I don't understand what you mean here. I guess I have to
see it with my own eyes. I suspect some deb is stuck the
upload queue that base-config needs or something. An
error for this just flashes by and is hard to spot or
actualy read what is missing.


I should try an installer on sid to be sure. The problem has
been occurring when the dialog pops up and say Base Package
Config and shows a list of choices for example:

Web Server
File Server
Mail Server
DNS Server
Manual Package Selection

I make a choice and the next dialog pops up and says there
is a problem and maybe broken packages will result. None of
the choices has ever worked with the three images I have
tried when using the debian-pure64 testing for an archive.

The only thing that has worked at this time is to Exit the
Base Config. Then I go to dselect and try to finish getting
the rest installed.

I haven't tried this with sid yet only testing. I don't know
if the installer goes to fetch the information or if that is
built into the installer.


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