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Re: Rebuild of the libqt3.

seb@frankengul.org writes:

> On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 07:57:03AM +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> seb@frankengul.org writes:
>> > Can someone please regenerate the packages since apt-get keeps writing
>> > the alioth packages over the localy built packages.

A small note, packages should never just be regenerated. A deb package
file should never ever change since that causes all kinds of
logistical problems. The version MUST be increased.

>> Add a new changelog entry to the source and add +b0.1 to the
>> version. Then rebuild and install. Since now your loac version is
>> higher apt-get won't reinstall the gcc-3.4 version anymore.
>> MfG
>>         Goswin
> Sure I could do this. I could build my own debian alone and not sharing
> this with others.
> This would fix it for me, not for the others, fix it the repo then
> everyone should benefit for it.

Going by your mail you already did compile it locally. Changing the
version is just so that apt-get won't undo your manual fix and you
don't get anoyed. Your choice ultimately.

> My point is that your version of libQT3 package in the repo is utterly
> broken and makes the kde desktop unusable and this is not an amd64 bug,
> but a miscompilation of the package. So, why not bumping the release in
> the repo and makes another build ?

You have to ask Andreas for that. He is the only one building packages
for gcc-3.4.

> Should I file a bug report ?

Against what? If a recompile fixes the problem then libQT3 is not to
blame. No, you just have to get Andreas to rebuild it.

> 	Seb


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