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Re: sid installation to SATA disk

Le 14.02.2005 17:44:47, Lennart Sorensen a écrit :
On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 10:59:21AM -0800, Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D.
Thank you for your advice.  I know it's a lost cause.  And SATA
behaves more like SCSI.
But I like two thing about IDE incomparison to SCSI.
1) It can have up to 63 partitions.  SCSI device is allowed only
15 partitions.  I need to adapt to LVM, I know.
2) No change of device name: If you connect to hdf, it is hdf
regardless of you installed hde.  If your SCSI device detection
is in different order, then suddenly sdc is your sda.  It's a
kind of a relative world.  And it's hard to know sometimes where
you are!

But it has decided upstream somewhere, I simply need to adapt to
it.  I really appreciate your advice, but I want to mention my

Yeah linux is unfortunately one of the few unixes that does NOT have
device names that map directly to a scsi bus,id,lun of the device.  A
real shame and very odd given how ide is handled.  Of course I think
with devfs is did have such devices for scsi, although I don't know if
udev does.

And devfs was marked as "EXPERIMENTAL" in 2.4 ans is marked as "OBSOLETE" in 2.6 (and IIRC should be removed from 2.6 in June).

On the other hand having sda be the first found disk is very handy for
booting from software raid1 if a drive fails.  It probably wouldn't be
to hard to work with even if it didn't though.

Len Sorensen


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