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Re: CPU frequency scaling on AMD64 laptop

I've seen several things cause this. Every BIOS is different, but you generally have to enable both Cool-n-Quiet and ACPI 2.0. My BIOS (a8v), for instance, had ACPI 2.0 disabled by default for some reason, and nothing complains when you turn CnQ on without it - it just doesn't work.

Then the kernel itself has to support ACPI; you have to turn on the right parts, but it looks like you have. Beyond that... you know how laptops are. :(

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, [iso-8859-2] Lukáš Oliva wrote:

I have a AMD64 Acer notebook and I can not make the cpufreq, powernowd
or cpudyn make working. The problem is that it seems not to have a
correct cpufreq interface. I tried to load modules acpi-cpufreq, but it
returns me thet deviceš does not exist. I tried to recompile the last
kernel (2.6.11-rc3), because I read somewhere, that problem is in
kernel, but no success.

 As I read on AMD pages, the processor should support CPU frequency
scaling. Did anyone succeed in running it or it is just my problem? I
also tried to search my notebook on linux-compatibility, but the problem
of ACPI and cpufreq was not closely described here, although the
notebook was there considered to be nearly all right.

I am running Debian Sarge sid on it and it is Acer Aspire 1524. I would
be grateful for any comment.


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