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Re: sata disk failure?


Guillaume Laurès wrote:
Le 13 févr. 05, à 13:07, Manuele Rampazzo a écrit :
Guillaume Laurès wrote:
I get this behaviour too ! After some time I get the "abnormal status" messages and the disk is dead until reboot. pure64 is installed on a pata drive (the sata is almost unusable).
Is sata unusable because of the bug? so you switch to pata?
Yes I actually installed on pata, planning to move to sata later (I have huge video files on the sata I want to keep)... but I'm stuck with this bug.

Ah :-( So maybe it's not just sata-related :-/

Yes, this "bug" doesn't seem related to a specific kernel: I've tried 2.6.8, 2.6.9, 2.6.10...
Mmh don't be fooled. with pre 2.6.10 my sata disk was not even detected...

:-) My sata disks were detected very well with previous kernels :-)

I'm curious to know why both my disks "freeze" when I try to access nearly the same sectors (where I have LVM) on both the disks... The first time I saw the "bug" I had LVM on software raid...

Maybe there's something wrong with LVM over sata disks? I don't think so, but maybe I can try to use the disks without LVM and see if I still have the "bug"...


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