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Re: netinstall NTFS bug

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

Jaime Ochoa Malagón <chptma@gmail.com> writes:


I succed installing Pure64 in my new box, but the installer gave me a
scare, the bug is so simple:

I used to have in my HD
hda1 XP (NTFS)
hda2 Debian (ext3) (sid/32)
hda3 Swap

I decided to overwrite hda1 and using the sid-amd64-netinst.iso ~(Feb 7), first atemp failed in the step to install grub, failed to install
lilo, the atemps failed till I discover
(using fdisk from my old debian) the partition is was 0C (NTFS), I
changed the ID and check
the fs in the hda1 was OK!

The next atemp was prety smooth as all the other people say,

fe18b184891f2b0c493744f5b02dd202  sid-amd64-netinst.iso

I guess the partitioner only sets the partition type when actualy
creating the partition, not when just formating it. That would be a
bug in the partitioner.

Please report this to the Debian BTS (e.g. with reportbug), this
should affect i386 as well.


Yes it does affect i386 as well. I go that yesterday, but did not have time to look into it.

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