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Request for /proc/cpuinfos for linuxinfo

I maintain a very small utility called "linuxinfo". After installing
my new amd64 machine I noticed that it did not support this machine,
so I am sorting this out in a new upload. To get as many AMD64
machines as possible supported, I'd like to ask anyone with a few
seconds to spare to install linuxinfo, run it once and if it says
"Unknown" send me (by PM; I am not subscribed) the output of /proc/cpuinfo.




Dr. Helge Kreutzmann, Dipl.-Phys.           Helge.Kreutzmann@itp.uni-hannover.de
                       gpg signed mail preferred 
    64bit GNU powered                  http://www.itp.uni-hannover.de/~kreutzm
       Help keep free software "libre": http://www.freepatents.org/

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