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Re: kernel oops

Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 15:19 +0100, Michal Schmidt wrote:
Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000000a
PML4 938a067 PGD 14d79067 PMD 0
Oops: 0000 [1]
Modules linked in: isofs fglrx vmnet vmmon parport_pc lp parport ipv6
nfs lockd sunrpc eth1394 ohci1394 ieee1394 sata_sil zr36060 adv7175
saa7110 zr36067 i2c_algo_bit videocodec videodev sata_nv libata scsi_mod
ftdi_sio usbserial snd_intel8x0 snd_ac97_codec snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss
snd_pcm snd_timer snd_page_alloc gameport snd_mpu401_uart snd_rawmidi
snd_seq_device snd soundcore forcedeth ehci_hcd usblp ohci_hcd
nls_iso8859_1 nls_cp437 vfat fat ext2 it87 eeprom i2c_sensor i2c_isa
i2c_core tsdev mousedev evdev ide_cd cdrom psmouse sk98lin ext3 jbd
mbcache ide_generic ide_disk amd74xx ide_core unix fbcon font vesafb
cfbcopyarea cfbimgblt cfbfillrect
Pid: 21615, comm: firefox-bin Tainted: PF  2.6.9-10-amd64-k8

Can you reproduce the oops without loading the proprietary modules?

Do you mean the ati module fglrx?

Yes, fglrx. And vmmon + vmnet too.


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