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Re: Anyone using gcc-3.4 port for audio work?

|--==> Daniel James writes:

  DJ> Hi Free,
  DJ> but I'm guessing that there will be a
  DJ> way to get 2.6.10-multimedia in there somehow!
  >>I  don't think so.   Usually kernel  source-packages are 
  >>architecture specific,  and  you  have to   prepare  different
  >>source-packages  for different architectures.

  DJ> OK, looks like something we'll have to work on.

  DJ> In the meantime, I'm going to try installing pure64 on this
  >>Opteron machine as a start. It sounds like gcc-3.4 isn't a good
  >>foundation to build on just yet.
  >>Let us know!

  DJ> I just used the sid-amd64-netinst.iso image to install a basic pure64 
  DJ> system. Apart from not putting the partitions where I thought I asked 
  DJ> them to be, the only problem was that the installer kernel didn't 
  DJ> recognise either of the ethernet cards - I have an on-board sk98lin 
  DJ> gigabit chipset plus an old-school PCI RTL8139 card for safety.

Not bad..

  DJ> They both seem to be recognised by the installed K8 kernel on reboot, 
  DJ> so now it looks like it's manual configuration time. Should etherconf 
  DJ> do the trick? 

Thinks so.



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