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Re: buildd failure for amd64 - floating point encoding?

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 09:45:23AM +0100, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Please CC to me - I'm not subscribed to the list.
> I am maintaining a new package, labplot, that is failing, at its first 
> upload, to build on amd64 (among other things).  I believe the problem is 
> that there is no floating point encoding being defined for that 
> architecture, which is leading to an undefined type of struct later on.
> The program defines the floating point encoding in the included cdf library 
> like this (from cdf/cdfdist.h, line 437 onwards):
> /*****************************************************************************
> * Floating-point encodings.
> *   1..........Sun, SGi, IBM-RS, HP, NeXT, Macintosh
> *   2..........DECstation, IBM-PC, Alpha (OSF/1), Alpha (OpenVMS - 
> *   3..........VAX, Alpha (OpenVMS - D_FLOAT)
> *   4..........Alpha (OpenVMS - G_FLOAT)
> *****************************************************************************/
> Does anyone know whether amd64 uses the same encoding as one of these 
> examples? What I am hoping is that amd64 uses the same floating point 
> encoding as one of the archs this code already works for, and that it's 
> therefore only a matter of fixing the #if statements above to include the 
> amd64 case.

My guess (I didn't try):
Big endian architecture whould use 1)
Little endian architecture should use 2), 
ARM is Little endian but should use 1)

So AMD64 should use 2) as alpha and ia64 (and mipsel, i386, hppa)
powerpc, sparc, mips, s390, arm, m68k should use 1)

3) and 4) are for non-ieee floats which do not exist in Debian.

Good luck!


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