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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004, In The Night wrote:

Some snippet from another news-site:
The New PCI bus; PCI Express

One of the biggest changes to the PC this year will be the introduction of a new PC bus called PCI Express (PCIX). PCIX will replace the current PCI bus that has a speed of 133 Mb/s, with a new bus that has speeds that start at 250 Mb/s and can scale to over 1000 Mb/s. PCIX will also replace the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). So new graphics cards will no longer have to fit in only one slot. Motherboards with the PCIX bus should start appearing this Summer, so new graphics cards that use the PCIX bus should start appearing shortly thereafter. Makes you wonder if we'll see new PCIX motherboards with AGP slots for those that want to keep using their AGP cards.

If they're not totally wrong, then:
PCI-X = PCI Express

Well, they are totally wrong.

PCI-X is basically a 64-bit pci bus commonly clocked at 100 or 133MHz. PCI Express totally different, based on a high-speed serial line protocol.

I do manage a bunch of computers with PCI-X and I have seen PCI Express slots in person. They are very different.

/Mattias Wadenstein

Ben Wang (benwang@synrax.com) wrote:

In The Night wrote:

Ben Wang (benwang@synrax.com) wrote:

There won't be any A64 boards with more than PCI 32-bit 33mhz.


Snip from ananova:

VIA just launched their first reference boards using PCI Express on the
Athlon 64. Later this month, we also expect new Athlon 64 chipsets from
others that will add PCI Express capabilities to the Socket 939 platform.
While these new chipsets could migrate later to Socket 754 single-channel,
the new chipsets will launch with Socket 939.
This will further push the 754 to the value side of the Athlon 64 line.

I am referring to PCI and its derivatives (64-bit PCI, PCI-X, etc).  By
more, I am referring to one of those derivatives and not PCI-Express.
There is no doubt PCI-Express (which is not what is required here) will
be available soon on the AMD platform.


This is a chipset limitation as all current chipsets only support PCI
32-bit 33mhz.  I have never seen a 32-bit 66mhz slot (doesn't mean it
doesn't exist but highly unlikely on the A64 platform), most of the
66mhz devices are connected to 64-bit slots.

Look for motherboards with the AMD-8131/8132 chipset but you'll most
likely find them only on dual Opteron boards in EATX form factor.


Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2004-10-22 17:38:02, schrieb Kyuu Eturautti:

I haven't tried network cards, but I have some Adaptec 29160 64-bit SCSI
controllers in 32 bit slots and I haven't run into any problems on
64 or other systems with only PCI-32/33 slots.

I know, but I need 64-Bit CPU and speed on network.

I have checked more then 30 AMD-64 mainboards but they have only
PCI-32/33 and not PCI-32/66.

If I can find an AMD-64 mainboard with minimum one 66MHz PCI slot
it will me help too.


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