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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

Michelle Konzack wrote:
I do not find any AMD64(fx) mainboards with X-PCI Slots in Germany/ France. Only Opterons which are to expensive for a Workststion.

you mean pci-x. opterons in the 14x series should really be that expensive. (142 for less than 200 euros)

I need a X-PCI slot because my Intel GBit NIC's.

maybe you want to wait for some pcie boards that include (multiple) gigabitethernet chips onboard. such boards already exist for the the intel x86 plaform. maybe when vendors start shipping their pcie chipsets for x86-64, such boards might appear too.

Can you tell me some mainboard types which support X-PCI ?

i dont know about your details, but maybe its cheaper to go for some single-opteron (1xx-series) board with gigabit onboard and all that, than sticking to your old intel nic and waiting for some upcoming solution. the opteron 1xx-series are compatible with the amd64-fx ones if im not mistaken.

for example the single socket boards from tyan

or others.

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