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Re: double mouse clicks with Linux 2.6.9?

Bharath Ramesh wrote:
* Eric Sharkey (sharkey@netrics.com) wrote:

I've upgraded to a vanilla Linux 2.6.9 kernel in hopes of fixing
my strange audio problems. (no such luck, btw)  I seem to have picked
up another strange behavior, though.  Around 25% of mouse clicks seem
to be registered as double clicks.  (Clicking "Back" on Mozilla
will sometimes go back two pages.)  It's happening with all apps,
and it just started happening when I replaced the kernel.

Has anyone else noticed this, or is my system just slowly falling

I have been using 2.6.9-rc3 for quite sometime. I never found any
problems. Will upgrade to 2.6.9 tomorrow and will let you know how
things go or if I see such problems.

I've also run across this problem if more than one mouse is configured in XF86Config(-4). Not sure why another kernel would suddenly make it start to manifest this behavior, but it's something to look at.


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