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Re: double mouse clicks with Linux 2.6.9?

It's the ps2 mouse sending events to the /dev/input/mice device as well 
as /dev/psaux. I've seen this happen a few times on distros that are 
designed to use the 2.4 kernel where the psaux events are only sent to 
/dev/psaux ..


Eric Sharkey wrote:
>>I've also run across this problem if more than one mouse is configured 
>>in XF86Config(-4). Not sure why another kernel would suddenly make it 
>>start to manifest this behavior, but it's something to look at.
> Thanks.  My XF86Config-4 had an entry for both "Configured Mouse" and
> "Generic Mouse".  After commenting out the Generic Mouse entry,
> the problem seems to have gone away.
> It's odd.  I've been using that config file for several years now.
> Not only did I need to restart my X session after modifying the config,
> but I needed to restart my wife's X session (on the F8 virtual terminal)
> before the problem went away, even in my session.
> Eric

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