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[OT] - LM-sensors settings.

Running a bit off topic, I changed the subject.

Sebastian Steinlechner wrote:
On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 21:48, Anders Peter Fugmann wrote:

Other than the -12V, I see no bogus values, other than the stopped fans.
(Maybe the V5SB is a bit off, but it can be your power supply.)

I also mean in regard to the min/max settings... and a high-value of
+4°C for mainboard temperature doesn't seem to make much sense either.
Whatever, I'm positively surprised that it actually works - that I get a
read-out at all.
All min max settings are controlled from /etc/sensors.conf. These can easily be set to something sane.

I know that it's usually not a good idea to write such a script on my
own when there are better solutions already available, but my
understanding from e.g. the fancontrol manpage was that it needs the fan
rpm readout - and that doesn't work (yet).
Actually, the fancontrol program does not require RPM readings from the fan - it is optional. You can leave it out safely.

Anders Fugmann

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