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Re: Asus K8V - acpi/cpufreq

Sebastian Steinlechner wrote:
> I don't know about fan speed - both /proc/acpi/thermal_zone and
> /proc/acpi/fan are empty here, so I have no idea how to get the
> necessary information. On the other hand, the K8V bios has a "Q-Fan
> control" option that's supposed to do fan throttling. However, I don't
> know what thermal trip points it uses so I'm a bit worried to turn it
> on...

I tested Q-Fan earlier this week:

K8V, cheap OEM HSF, 3200+

Q-Fan on, system idle: The temp ocillates between 43C and 52C (This happens at 4-5min intervals)
Q-Fan on, system under load: The temp tops at 61C, then falls to 48C

Q-Fan off, system idle: 36.5C
Q-Fan off, system under load: 48C

It looks like there are only two fan speeds... The 9C variance at idle with Q-Fan turned on can't be good for the long term life of the CPU, since I've heard that thermal expansion and contraction are bad for CPUs...

I run my box 24x7 doing scientific calculations, so Q-Fan really doesn't matter for me... I do plan to get an Alpha 8150 HSF this week though...

Note that the numbers I listed above were with Cool'n'Quiet disabled...

Mike (Xyzzy)

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