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Re: Asus K8V - acpi/cpufreq

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 21:48, Anders Peter Fugmann wrote:
> Other than the -12V, I see no bogus values, other than the stopped fans.
> (Maybe the V5SB is a bit off, but it can be your power supply.)

I also mean in regard to the min/max settings... and a high-value of
+4°C for mainboard temperature doesn't seem to make much sense either.
Whatever, I'm positively surprised that it actually works - that I get a
read-out at all.

> Maybe you need to increase the 'div' on the fans to get a reading.
> Try something like:
> echo 32 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0290/fan1_div

I'll give that a try (I'm not at my amd64 box at the moment), thanks.

> I wonder what happens to the CPU temperature when you run
> 'while true; do true:done' for ten minutes, or if you try render 
> something with povray. Static fan settings can be dangerous, when set 
> too low. Luckily the AMD64 processors all have thermal protection.

He, I'm not that stupid to be running at static fan settings ;) I wrote
a small php script that scales from 100 at 30°C to 255 at 42°C or
something. It's not perfect, but it works and seems to be reliable - I
ran a full load test with some maple computations and it kept cpu
temperature at about 37-38 °C.

I know that it's usually not a good idea to write such a script on my
own when there are better solutions already available, but my
understanding from e.g. the fancontrol manpage was that it needs the fan
rpm readout - and that doesn't work (yet).

Sebastian 'ttt' Steinlechner
- www.resourcecode.de

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