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Re: Ubuntu Linux AMD64 Port

* Mattias Wadenstein 

| On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, amd64 wrote:
| > Does anyone know the relationship between the AMD64
| > port of ubuntu linux and the amd64 port of debian?
| >
| > Is it a pure64 port?  Is it based of the current
| > debian AMD64 port?
| They are both based on packages patched and built from the debian
| source packages and should be fairly similar. The same differences as
| between i386 ubuntu and debian applies, AFAIK.

It's a 64bit only port, yes, and it is built with the same sources as
the rest of ubuntu, that is a stabilized, patched sid snapshot as of
late June (with fixes ported over from sid).

Sorry for taking a while to respond -- just saw this thread. :)

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