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Re: 64-bit kernel on sid / pure64?

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 11:58:05PM -0300, peter wrote:
>  Last time I tried the amd64 kernel from sid it oopsed during boot in kacpid
> (on my Tyan S2881).  I haven't gotten around to reporting this yet.  Should
> I, or does anyone who actually hacks on it have an S2881/2 mobo.

 Update: 2.6.8-4-amd64-k8-smp (version 2.6.8-4) booted ok.  kacpid takes
100% cpu time (same as with 32bit kernels using 2.6.8-1-k7-smp (version
2.6.8-4)).  I've re-niced it to +2 (instead of -10) so it doesn't cause
too much trouble.  With a 32bit kernel I sometimes saw kacpid take a few
minutes before starting to eat CPU time, maybe depending on BIOS settings...
(Tyan S2881 w/BIOS v2.04, Opteron 246HE CPUs, 6GB RAM, 3Ware 9500S-LP4.).

 The kernel complains about some ACPI method execution failures while
booting.  (at least it seems to respect nobiospnp, or at least doesn't do
the same stuff as the 32bit kernel...).

 The kernel also doesn't like how Tyan's BIOS puts the IOMMU aperture above
4GB, so it says it can't use it.  I've reported this to Tyan through my
cluster vendor (HardData), so maybe someone will fix it...

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