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64-bit kernel on sid / pure64?

Yay! Thanks to help from Peter Cordes, I was able to install the amd64
k8 smp kernel from sid, amd64-libs, and iptables from pure64 -- and it
works! Great work, everyone!

A few questions:

1) Is ALSA going to remain unusable until I upgrade alsa-base/alsa-utils
to 64-bit versions from pure64? If so, do I have to upgrade all of my
sound applications to ones from pure64?

2) Can 64-bit apps run on a 32-bit Xserver? Am I going to end up with an
ugly spaghetti mess of 32 and 64 bit apps if I continue this piecemeal
upgrading route?

I wish I had money to pay someone to make dist-upgrade magically work
for sid -> pure64/amd64 conversion!


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