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2.4 Kernel


I'm stuck with 2.4 for the time being: for one of my cards there's no 2.6-compatible driver available.

I tried to boot Debian/AMD64 with a custom 2.4 kernel (compiled from kernel-source-2.4.27) but when it gets to userland initialization I see the message "FATAL: Kernel too old" and it just hangs there.

I googled for a solution and it looks like the problem is that Debian/AMD64's default glibc is compiled for a 2.6 kernel. But I didn't manage to find out how to install an alternate glibc, or whether such an alternative exists at all. Since the 2.4 tree is included in the repository, I guess it does exist?

If it doesn't, how would I go about building a 2.4-compliant glibc for the AMD64 platform, and how do I make sure all userland programs use my custom glibc?

Thanks for any hint


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