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problem installing on ZCR-card (1015S) on K8S Pro (i2o)


My config is 2 Opterons on a Tyan K8S Pro with onboard scsi,
using the Adaptec Zero channel raid (1015S IIRC) option where
5 disks are attached: 
1 system-drive om channel 1 and 4 data-drives in raid10 on channel 0.

I have come across a problem installing debian-amd64 using the netinst
iso-images found here
the kernel and initrd on those images does not contain i2o at all
which makes it rather inconvenient bootstrapping the system onto the
system disk. the adaptec supported dpt_i2o driver is not 64-bit safe as
I understood it so the only option is to use the i2o subsystem from
kernel 2.6.8.

My questions are:
1) Would it be possible for someone (responsible) to include i2o on
those bootdisks? Whome should i ask?  If not, who can point me to a
guide on doing my own instrumented iso-images.

2) As it were, I finally managed to get the i2o modules from another
compatible build of the modules (the alioth pure64 kernel-images),
wget'ed them to my machine and modprobed them. It worked and my disks
appeared in the partitioning phase of the install procedure. However,
when it got to the step of downloading and installing the kernel on the
drive it failed on the mkinitrd-procedure telling me that
/dev/i2o/hdb/part1 is "not a block device" and bailed out. Why? and what
can I do?

3) When (If) i get it working, is it known to be stable, usable and FAST
running raid10 with this driver or should i opt for software raid using
only the scsi Adaptec AIC-7902W controller instead. Or buy another card?

4) Or, will the dpt_i2o driver be supported on amd64 anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.


Björn Bength  |  Systems Designer
Curalia AB  |  www.curalia.se
Tjärhovsgatan 21, SE - 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)8-410 064 40

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