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Re: Promise or VIA?


(this is a bit off-topic)

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:55:50 -0500, Pete Harlan <harlan@artselect.com> wrote:
> The Asus A8V I bought has both a VIA and a Promise SATA controller,
> and both work fine with Linux.  The Promise is better supported under
> Linux (or possibly just a better controller; it does TCQ under Linux,
> where the VIA doesn't (yet?)) as far as I could tell from the SATA
> compatibility page.

I was wondering: having both a Promise and a VIA SATA controllers and
2 hard drives: to implement software raid, which of these
configurations would give better performance?:

1. One HD attached to a different controller (one to VIA, one to Promise)
2. Both HDs on the VIA controller
3. Both HDs on the Promise controller

I guess that using a single controller would put more load on it but
reduce the PCI bus load, and vice versa... am I right?
>From the thread discussion, I would say that option 3 is better than 2
(Promise being a better controller)... but is it better than option 1
in overall performance on this scenario? what do you think?



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