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IWill DK8N main board with AMD 242 Opteron

Dear Sirs,

I want to run Debian on Opteron 242 processors with IWill main board based on
nForce3 250 chipset (DK8N from IWill)

Have you any experiences?? Any opportunities??
And if is not so big trouble, just one more question -

-- which graphic card for dual-head (sth like xinerama, etc) and which sound card (with DSP processors onboard - for music advanced edition)
should I choose ??

I read that MATROX is not supproting Linux as well as in the past, so maybe you have positive opinion about nVidia or ATI
(should make possible to work fine with for example VEEJAY VIDEO MIXING)

About sound cards - I thought about CREAMWARE, but maybe I can buy sth much cheaper and as good as I will have
2-processor 64-bit machine..

Best regards,

Piotr Pruszczak

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