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Re: Asus K8V - acpi/cpufreq

Hylke van der Schaaf <hylke@pkedu.fbt.eitn.wau.nl> writes:
> hcz@hczim.de (Heike C. Zimmerer) wrote:
>> Throttling on my K8V SE Deluxe works, so maybe updating your BIOS
>> will help.
> That's interesting, what bios version do you use? I have 1004 here.

Mine says AMIBIOS 08.00.09, Build Date 02/09/04.  Don't know why that
looks totally different from yours.  I've found it in a submenu under
"Advanced Configuration" in the BIOS setup screen IIRC.

You need to enable ACPI, else the cpufreq directory
(/sys/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/) stays empty.  I'm using
"acpi_sleep=s3_bios" in my kernel command line.  I've never tried
other values, however (and suspend doesn't work).

> After that the throttling works fine, though I haven't been able to
> reduce the fan speed (haven't had time to look into that yet).

I can control the cpu fan only (which is the loudest anyway).  I'm
doing that with a small user space script.  While the cpu isn't busy,
the fan stays off most of the time (below 33°C) and runs on lowest
speed the remaining time.


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