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Re: Asus K8V - acpi/cpufreq

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 15:20, Hylke van der Schaaf wrote:

> > Throttling on my K8V SE Deluxe works, so maybe updating your BIOS
> > will help.
> That's interesting, what bios version do you use? I have 1004 here.
> On my K8V SE Deluxe I had to make the powernow-k8 module ignore the
> "BIOS error: numpst must be 1" error for it to load.
> After that the throttling works fine, though I haven't been able to
> reduce the fan speed (haven't had time to look into that yet).

I'm not sure what my current bios version is -- on asus.com, they are
talking about versions 1003 and 1004, and I can find neither in the bios
information. So I guess I'll just give it a try and update it, but I
need to put a floppy drive in my box first ;)

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